Open Source Linux Based Solutions

      WaySysTech team works on a big tree that includes a long list of open source Linux based platform(s) / software(s), we are listing here some of these software(s) that can help you. To know more about WaySysTech services and other software(s) that we are work on, please submit a Service Request with a summary of your project info and we will contact you.


Enterprise Resource Management
Odoo , Dolibarr


Learning Management System & Virtual Class
Moodle, BigBlueButton


On-Premises Web & Domain Hosting
CPanal, Plesk, WordPressDrupal

Virtualization Technology
OpenStack, KVM, Virtualbox


Messaging, Voice, and more
XMail, Zimbra, SendMail, Postfix, Elastics, FreePBX,  playSMS, daloRADIUS


Network Management System 
Cacti, Nagios, NTop

Asset & Inv.

Asset, Inventory and IP management, & productivity ITIL


Storage and Backup
FreeNAS, SAN on a Server, Virtual SAN, Bacula

File Hosting

File Hosting & Real time Active Sync  OwnCloud


Database design, performance and high availability 
MySQL, MariaDB

Network (NGN)

Next Generation Network, Server/IP Switching, Routing, VLan, etc


Firewall, Antispam, Web proxy, encryption
PFSense, SpamAssassin, Squid, OpenSSL , ClamAV


Analytics and reporting


Operating System 
RedHat, Centos, Ubuntu, FreeBSD
          Open source will help you control and reduce your IT budget and remove license expenses. In addition, it will reduce your IT/finance operations as no need to follow-up yearly renewals and payments.  Also you don’t have to worry about the system security, Linux OS comes with a very powerful built in security and the way it works makes it protected against viruses and attackers.

           Open source will meet your company or your organization IT requirements. for the reason that its scalable to all business type form  business, medium to enterprise, also several service providers and government sectors depend on it in their production (live) environments.


The following can simplify the open source Linux based software solutions types:

     1- Fully Open Source community version together with its plugins, are customizable and available to be used for free, under several free license terms, such as using it without changing software respective owner’s logo, cannot be sold as software product, etc.

      2- Open Source with paid plugins is customizable and available to be used for free, under several free license terms. Usually this type of open source provides all the standard features that you need as standard code-base platform. Paid plugins comes as an option with low cost and that will add additional features that you may need for your business or/and to integrate it with other platform(s) that you need or/and already had. This type can maximize the best use of the open source platform and its functionality. 

       3- Open Source community with commercial version, are customizable and available to be used for free under several free license terms. Usually this type of open source provides all the standard feature you need. And for more additional features open source community version can be upgradeable to a pro/enterprise versions or/and per user/package license which is called commercial version, it is low cost if compared to proprietary software.

Single open source solution deployment includes numerous of combined software(s). Based on your requirements and our analysis we will build your setup.  

Advanced setup like high availability and disaster recovery will require more complex setup.


      WaySysTech provides complete solutions based on Linux open source software starting from building your servers ending to deliver the service to end user. In addition, we provide support and maintenance services.

      WaySysTech strength is to combine multiple open source linux based platform(s) / software(s) and to clearing your vision before starting the deployment and implementation. We will take into consideration all the related elements of planning, designing, integration, availability, disaster recovery, hardware, networking, hosting, system security, cost and your future expansion.

      We are not performing a complete deployments of Microsoft platform and its products as a fixed strategy base of WaySysTech, however we are deploying the related software parts of Microsoft products which mandatory required to complete our open source Linux integration(s) if it’s already planned or exists in your information technology infrastructure.