The right way on how Systems & Technology are combined

Our Mission is to provide you high-class combined IT systems and solutions with prefect setup to be the best fit of your organization needs with the most cost-effective ways to utilize every cent you are investing in your information technology.
Information Technology has been changed over the past 10 years a lot, hardware are hundreds, software and applications are thousands, security threat & protection keep changing, Infrastructure requires to be refresh or/and changed to pursuit the technology .

We found that several organizations and companies :

-Start to suffer from spending lots of money on Information Technology. They been convinced by the solution provider(s) that its low-cost solution at the beginning and then they find themselves spending large amount on operations.

-Locked in solutions that they cannot upgrade or replace it easily due to many reasons. Others spend huge money on system(s) that they utilized less than 10% of its functionality. 

-Want to keep on premises solutions, but they will have financial impacts to renew/upgrade their systems/infrastructure, others face impacts in service availability.

 -Complains on cloud service performance or/and limitations. Some have moved and migrate their data to cloud providers then they found obstacles to return back to on premises solutions. 

-Confused of which IT services that they can out-source to reduce IT budget or to reduce IT operations. 

-Confused of what security solution to go with, and how to protect their system and network against attackers. 

-Nowadays many vendors provide nearly the same systems and solutions, but with different functionality and different prices. We found that the IT organizations’ representatives had difficulties to choose which system to go with it. In addition, that vendor sales team keeps following and annoying them.

The fact is, the information technology now are very complex and extremely confusing, not for end users only, but for the IT professionals themselves. Your setup has to be planned carefully and you must be selective and to choose the right hardware, platforms, software, applications, vendor & suppliers.

WaySysTech is a pure IT service company that had founded by a group of IT Experts in the industry for over 25 years of experience. We will help you to build your IT business in the right way…